Awareness training

Our induction training for staff and volunteers includes a clear explanation of health and safety issues so that all adults are able to adhere to our policy and understand their shared responsibility for health and safety. The induction includes training covering matters of employee well being, including safe lifting and the storage of potentially dangerous substances.

Records are kept of these induction training sessions and new staff and volunteers are asked to sign the records to confirm they have taken part.

Health and safety issue are explained to the parents of the new children.

As necessary, health and safety training is included in the annual training plans of staff and health and safety is discussed at regular staff meetings.

We have a no smoking policy.

Children are made aware of health and safety issues through discussions, planned activities and routines.

Children's safety

Only persons who have been checked for criminal records by an enhanced disclosure from the DBS and are registered with OFSTED as child carers, have unsupervised access to the children, including helping them with toileting.

Adults do not normally supervise the children on their own.

All children are supervised by adults at all times.

Whenever children are on the premises at last two adults are present.