The curriculum offered in the nursery encourages children to develop positive attitudes about themselves as well as to people who are different from themselves. It encourages children to empathise with others and to begin to develop the skills of critical thinking. We do this by:

making children feel valued and good about themselves;

ensuring that children have equality of access to learning;

recognising the different learning styles of girls and boys, making appropriate provision within the curriculum to ensure each child receives the widest possible opportunity to develop their skills and abilities;

positively reflecting the widest possible range of communities in the choice of resources;

avoiding stereotypes or derogatory images in the selection of books or other visual materials;

celebrating a wide range of festivals;

creating an environment of mutual respect and tolerance;

helping children to understand that discriminatory behaviour and remarks are hurtful and unacceptable;

ensuring that the curriculum offered is inclusive of children with special educational needs and children with disabilities;

ensuring that children learning English as an additional language have full access to the curriculum and are supported in their learning; and

ensuring that children speaking languages other than English are supported in the maintenance and development of their home languages.