First aid and medication

At least one member of staff per room must have a current first aid certificate. The firs aid training must be relevant to infants and young children.

Our first aid kit:

Complies with the health and safety regulations 1981

Is regularly checked by a designated member of staff and re stocked as necessary

Is easily accessible to adults and clearly labelled their location

Is kept out of the reach of children.

At the time of admission, parents give written consent for medical advice or treatment to be sought.

Accident / Incident

In case of minor accidents / incidents follow the Accident / Incident Policy. If case of major accident where a child has been taken to the hospital accident/ incident policy is followed and the incident is reported under RIDDOR arrangements and is recorded in the incident book; the local authority health and safety officer may want to investigate and will decide if there is a case for prosecution and in that case, OFSTED is informed.

Staff Pregnancy

If a member of staff is pregnant and employed in a position which has been identified as posing a risk to their health or to that of the unborn child, the staff member should be notified immediately and arrangements will be made to eliminate the risk.

For this reason staff members are required to notify the manager as soon as they are aware that they may be pregnant and arrangements will be made by the manager to carry out a Pregnant Workers Risk Assessment. Reasonable adjustments will be made if necessary.