Systems are in place for the safe arrival and departure of the children. The times are recorded.

The arrival and departure times of adults, staff, volunteers and visitors are recorded.

Our systems prevent unauthorised access to our premises.

Our systems prevent children from leaving our premises unnoticed.

The personal possessions of staff are securely stored during nursery sessions.


We take precautions to prevent children's fingers from being trapped in doors.There are visual panels on all doors leading to children areas to avoid accidents.


All surfaces are checked daily to ensure they are clean, not uneven and undamaged. All walkways are kept clear at all times.


Children do not have access to the kitchen.

All surfaces are clean and non porous.

There are separate facilities for hand washing and washing up.

Cleaning materials and other dangerous materials are stored out of children's reach.

Electrical equipment

All electrical equipment conforms to safety requirements and is checked regularly.

Electrical switchgear is not accessible to children.

Fires, heaters, electric sockets, wires, leads are properly guarded and children are taught not to touch them.

Lighting and ventilation is adequate in all areas.


All resources and materials which children select are stored safely.

All equipment and resources are stored or stacked to prevent them accidentally falling or collapsing.

Outdoor Area

Our outdoor area is securely fenced.

Our outdoor area is checked for safety and cleared of rubbish daily.

Adults and children are alerted to the dangers of poisonous plants, herbicides and pesticides.

Where water can form a pool on equipment, it is emptied before children start playing.

Out outdoor sand pit is covered when not in use.

All outdoor activities are supervised at all times.


We regularly seek information from the environmental health department and the health authority to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest recommendations.

Our daily routines encourage the children to learn about personal hygiene.

We have a daily cleaning routine for the nursery.

We have a schedule for cleaning resources and equipment.

The toilet are has a high standard of hygiene including hand washing and drying facilities.

We implement good hygiene practices by:

Cleaning tables between activities

Checking toilets regularly

Wearing protective clothing

Providing sets of clean clothes

Providing tissues and wipe

Ensuring sole use of flannels and towels.